Rules for Participation

In order to maintain a safe and fun learning atmosphere, Rising Phoenix Archery has created the following rules for range management and personal behavior for all participants. Violation of any of these rules can/will result in loss of participation privileges. Flagrant disregard which endangers others, the coaches, the spectators or themselves can result in a permanent dismissal from current program and possibly exclusion from all programs offered by Rising Phoenix Archery or its partner organizations

Participation Rules for Rising Phoenix Archery

  • Archers under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Our responsibility is to maintain safety and assist archers as needed, the coaches are not daycare providers and will not leave the range to supervise children who no longer wish to practice. Plus, it’s a great excuse for you to join and share an experience with your child. (Minimum age for participation is 8 years old.)
  • Archers must follow the direction of any coach. Failure to follow direction, could result in injury or death. Because of this, coaches have complete authority to have archers sit out a round, or to remove an archer from participation for the remainder of the session. Repeated violations of safety protocol may result in revoking of enrollment.
  • Archers must assist in set-up and break-down of equipment they are using, except when physical limitations require assistance. This includes set-up and take down of target. Assistance in setting up bow stands, shooting line, quivers, and bows.
  • Archers must be able to speak to and teach others what the whistle commands mean. (We cover whistles for new archers on day 1).
  • Archers will demonstrate “archery etiquette” which includes no noise while an archer is shooting on the line. Socializing can occur during the scoring phase.
  • Archers will NEVER run or horseplay while a session is in progress.
  • Archers will never “sky” their bow, or aim at anything other then their designated target.
  • Archers may be asked to share assigned equipment which is the property of Rising Phoenix Archery with other archers at any time. Participation in one of our programs does not insure exclusive use of our equipment.
  • Archers who use Rising Phoenix Archery equipment will treat it with care and respect, negligent behavior which results in damage or loss will be the responsibility of the participant or legal guardian to replace. Any archer (or if a minor their legal guardian) who “dry fire’s” their bow, will assume complete financially responsibility for any damage as a result of this negligent behavior. The cost of replacing a bow is $175. By clicking “I agree”, you affirm you understand the term “dry fire” and the potential damage. You also agree to reimburse Rising Phoenix Archery LLC the full replacement cost within 10 business days.
  • Archers must have a minimum of a recreational level membership in USA Archery to participate in any Rising Phoenix Archery educational program. Educational program is defined as any program that has more then one (1) session date. Cost for this membership is $15, participants must provide proof by either registering their membership club as Rising Phoenix or by providing a copy of their current membership card.

Rising Phoenix Archery reserves the right to make updates and adjustments to these rules as it finds necessary to maintain a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

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