Private Archery Lessons

Group settings can be distracting for some archers, one on one attention may be exactly what you need to improve your shot consistency. Our private sessions will be tailored to your specific goals, whether they be in competition shooting or hunting. Our ability to set up a private range at your facility is key in making you feel comfortable in improving your archery skills.

Private archery lessons include as needed:

    • One on One coaching – For basic to advanced, target or hunter, learn how back tension is really established

Private Archery Training

  • Video capture and analysis
  • Specific archery skills and drills to improve shot consistency

One on One Session are $60hr and may be purchased in 5hr blocks for $240 (Save 20%). Sessions are approx. 1hr in length. Ask about a multiple session discount. Set-up charge may apply for construction of private range at your facility.

Family/Group Private Sessions

Family/Group sessions are intended as an intimate way to be introduced to archery. These sessions are perfect for couple wanting to try archery together. Sessions begin at $75hr for two persons and additional participants are just $20 ea/hr. Group lessons have can have a maximum of 4 participants.

Set-up charge may apply for construction of private range at your facility.

“Totally beyond my expectations. I am so satisfied with my experience today that I am very excited for our next session. The response time for my homework—-just a couple of hours. Now, how good is that?!!!!!!! Huge. I feel really “pumped” at my ripe old retirement age in doing something I really love. And all thanks to you and Rising Phoenix. Just what we worked on today will help to instill confidence in my shot process. I’m pretty sure I had the general basics, but the refinements that you brought out are exactly what I am looking for. The facility is second to none. Its rather apparent to me that Brandon did not spare much to have a first class operation. Says a lot for him. I could go on and on. I’m just looking forward to next Tuesday. Thank you, thank you.  – Ken”

Our range requires that all participants wear a closed toed shoe. Sandals and Flip flops which do not enclose the toe are not permitted for participants. Spectators are welcome to wear these types of shoes.