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Members have the option to participate in either our Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) or Adult Archery Development Program (AADP) or to just enjoy time shooting with fellow archers. Club members who wish to develop their skills for competition and would like to train with like minded individuals have special sessions established just for them. Rising Phoenix Archery has quickly developed a reputation for having quality archers at all major events in the state.

Members of the club may shoot at only one of the sessions each week and must register for a primary session time.

The club offers sessions Multiple days of the week. The curriculum changes for every 5 week period to match the overall needs of the club.

Discounts available for a multi-session enrollment in the same program cycle. 50% off the cost of the second program session, 75% off third.

Club sessions begin every six weeks

RPA Membership Cost: $85 per individual, $170 Family rate (up to 4 participants) 5 week cycle.

Since we are a sanctioned club of USA Archery, Annual Membership in USA Archery is also required to be a participant. Membership fees vary by age and length of membership.


Membership rules:

Membership is by invitation only. Invitees will receive an email with instructions on how to enroll in these classes.   Archers must demonstrate responsiveness to coaching/direction, sportsmanship, and self discipline to be considered. Skill alone is not enough to be qualified.  For more information call (248) 602-2885.

Archers must complete a basic and intermediate level course offered through Rising Phoenix Archery,  or another USA Archery accredited program to be eligible for membership in our club. Archers may opt to demonstrate proficiency and get this requirement waived, but it will require more then the ability to shoot arrows down range. Club sessions include a teaching component but are not instructional based, tips and advice are offered, but sessions do not follow shot cycle progression and may move from topic to topic based on team performance.

Archers under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Our responsibility is to maintain safety and assist archers as needed, the coaches are not daycare providers and will not leave the range to supervise children who no longer wish to practice. Plus, its a great excuse to share an experience with your child. Archers must follow the direction of any coach. Failure to follow direction, could result in injury or death. Because of this, coaches have complete authority to have archers sit out a round, or to remove an archer from participation for the remainder of the session. Repeated violations of safety protocol may result in revoking of membership. Generally, we try to correct the behavior prior to resorting to a discipline process.

Archers must assist in set-up and break-down of equipment they are using, except when physical limitations require assistance.