Galactic Championship

Our Annual Club Championship is available exclusively for current members of our JOAD/AADP programming and features our signature crystal trophy.

Event Date: May 5th, 2018

Registration is open.

We use just 9 divisions for our event:

  • Youth Male Compound
  • Youth Male Recurve
  • Youth Female Compound
  • Youth Female Recurve
  • Adult Male Compound
  • Adult Male Recurve
  • Adult Female Compound
  • Adult Female Recurve
  • Coaches

Participants will shoot at the distance associated with their current pin level and will receive a handicap score on the day of the event. This creates a parity within the club event and  balance the performances. Every participant has an opportunity to win regardless of their current proficiency. Scores cannot exceed 300. Must have a Purple pin to receive handicap.


Participants will use the same target as they do at JOAD Nationals. All compounds will use the 40cm face with a choice of either a single or Vegas style 3 spot. Recurve archers aged 14 and under by 12/31/18 will use 60cm face. All others will use the 40cm face.

Dress code required: RPA Jersey, RPA shirt or Orange shirt for all participants.

Shooting Lines:

  • 1pm
  • 3pm
  • 5pm

Awards at approx. 7:30  Prizes and Ice Cream will be provided at end of 5pm line.  COST: $5

Team picture is scheduled for all members of RPA at 7:00.