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Rising Phoenix Archery has been ahead of the curve of this latest surge in the popularity of Archery. We are committed to making the process of getting involved in archery easy, the events better, and the staff more knowledgeable.


Here are some of the things we are working on:

Administrative Upgrades

Registration Software Upgrade 2018 ( In Process)

New in 2018 we will be introducing our newest program upgrade. The new registration process powered by Upper Hand will allow you to register for classes, track what programs you have attended, book special events and more. Begin with the creation of an individual profile. As you move through our programming levels, More features will be made available to you.

Range Pass (Completed)

We are taking open range to the next level. With the new facility (September  2015) we will have the space to offer open range all hours of operation. With it we will be introducing the Range Pass as a more affordable option for practice time. We have four program levels to fit any need.

Leagues (Winter 2015) Completed

We are launching leagues at the end of November 2015. We want to be sure to offer a world class league experience, and are working hard at building a program that is competitive, balanced and fun. If you think you might be interested in joining a league, send us an email. We would love to hear from you what has made some of your other leagues so great.

Archery for the Visually Impaired. ( This program is in Beta)

We believe that everyone can enjoy this sport. We are taking the steps required to train our selves to be able to help get a segment of the population involved in a sport that so many would think requires the use of sight. As coaches we have always preached that technique trumps sight, and have continually rand drills in the dark with our JOAD/AADP teams. This is the next evolution of that program. Our goal is to have a fully functioning program available by Spring 2015.

Disabled Archers Program – Looking for Volunteers to support this initiative. 

When I got my start in archery, myself and my kids got to see first hand how this sport knows no boundaries. We were honored to shoot along side Gold Medalist Jeff Fabry, and a number of other archers who defy stereotypical conventions that you need two good arms and two good legs to shoot a bow. I can say that I have been blessed enough to watch a blind archer outscore a number of those who can “see”. We are looking to put together a program that makes more of these experiences a reality. If you want to help, volunteer or participate? Let us know. We want to build a team to help us make this a way to give back to our community.

JOAD/AADP  Multi Session Discount Program (Completed)

Beginning in November 2014 we are proud to announce a multi- session discount program to have make range time more affordable for aspiring archers. We will be offering a 50% discount to members of our JOAD/AADP program who wish to enroll in a second session during the current program cycle. Additionally we will be offering a 75% discount for anyone wishing to enroll in a third session. Programs must be of equal or lesser value to receive the discounts.

Home School Program (Completed)

Beginning in February 2015, we will be offering an expanded weekday class program for students of home school programs. We realize the challenges families face in locating athletic extra curricular activities to compliment their education. We will be offering 2 different session times 10am and 1:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday for a 10 week program. Cost will be $170 and we may be able to bill your school district directly for you. Like all of our programs, all materials are included.

Open Range (Completed)

Beginning in December 2014, we will be offering an expanded amount of open range time. Each work day we will  have the range open from 11:30am to 1:30pm for lunch time sessions. We will also make the Sunday 2:30 to 6pm session a regular offering. We hope to expand our footprint soon and be able to offer daily regular open range hours.


Register On-Line (Completed)

Our number one requested feature has been the ability for you to register directly through our website. We are testing a new registration software which will allow you to easily find the class you are looking for, and complete the entire registration process. You will be able to register, sign all required forms and waivers and pay directly online using a secure and encrypted connection with You will also have the ability to register on line and send or bring your payment in with you. We are also improving the security of our website by adding an SSL Certificate to our Domain.

Synchronized Class Scheduling (Completed)

Soon all of our classes will fall under the same sequence of beginning and ending within the same 7 day window. This synchronizing of our calendar will allow students to move from one tier of our programing to the next without variable gaps between start dates. We were fortunate that it worked pretty well for us last year, but we did not have as many of the programs we are offering today at the Indoor range.

Increased class variety.

Women’s Only Archery (Completed)

Our Women’s only Archery program has been a hit. We will be announcing shortly a new regular program offering for women only that will run just like our Adult Program. Each session will include a fundamental teaching on one or more components of the NTS and can be adapted to the speed at which the participants implement the principals in their techniques. This format allows participants who continue with the program to receive continuing development and allow new comers to feel like they are far behind the rest of the group.


Facility & Equipment Upgrades

We keep are consistently looking at how to upgrade the resources we offer to students.

New Archery Targets (Completed)

Our latest project is a set of custom built archery targets that can be moved to accommodate students of varying skill levels. Our current targets have a shooting face of only 35″  x 35″ or roughly 9 square feet. But with the help a retired master carpenter, he has designed for us a set of targets that will be over 200% bigger. The new targets will feature a 20 square foot shooting face and half of them will roll forward when we have younger archers on the range who want the opportunities to shoot side by side with their family members that love the sport too.

High quality equipment (Completed)

We inspect our equipment weekly to insure that it is 100% safe to use. But we are also constantly looking at our mix to insure the equipment that we provide students is of a high quality. After testing many different bows in real life classroom settings we have found a good mix of equipment that will allow us the flexibility to adjust the bow to the student quickly while still providing a consistent tool in which to learn their craft. Over the next couple months you will see more and more equipment added to the mix. We could have just selected the cheapest available option like many other programs, but we know that consistent equipment helps minimize frustration for the student and ultimately makes it easier for them to enjoy the sport.