Archery Lessons

We offer archery courses for all levels of experience. As well as Private Instruction, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events on a safe one of a kind archery range or depending on (the safety of) your facilities we can conveniently come to you.

We have a complete archery learning program Beginning , Intermediate  and Advanced courses as well as continual development programs of JOAD and AADP.

Indoor Range:  Min. 6/Max. 16          Outdoor Range:  Min 5 /Max. 20

No matter your goal: Competition, Hunting, or Just for the fun of it, we can help you reach your target!


Step 1: Beginning Archery:
This class offers instruction in the basics of archery skills, including instruction on safety, equipment identification, and proper form. Instruction focuses on the first five steps of the National Training System (NTS) shot cycle. All equipment provided.

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Step 2: Intermediate Archery:
This class is for participants that have taken Beginning Archery or have moderate experience. In this program we cover Steps 6 through 10 of the NTS shot cycle are covered in detail. The course includes instruction on how to use a target site. All equipment is provided. Archers may use their own equipment provided it passes a safety inspection by the instructor. (No crossbows or broad-heads)
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Step 3: Our Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)  & Adult Archery Development Program (AADP):

Our club level programming is for archers who have completed both Beginning and Intermediate archery and have demonstrated enough proficiency to graduate past the intermediate level. This program is by invitation only. We offer a large variety of session days and times to support archers looking to continue the development of their skills. We have sessions 7 days a week year round. Members are permitted to shoot at only one session per week.

In the Summer, (May – September) we offer Outdoor programming at Spencer Park for JOAD/AADP on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm

Our Club shoots together and works together as a team. We work individually on our goals (We have 11 levels of achievement with awards to signify mastery) to advance our skills with support from the coaching staff. This is not purely an instruction based program, but a collaborative effort to improve each members skill level.

Completion of Beginning and Intermediate archery is required as well as a coaches endorsement to join this program.

Step 4: Competitive Advantage:
This program is for archers who have demonstrated a willingness to compete and want to achieve the highest levels of the sport. Meets on Tuesdays  (Outdoor)from 6-8pm for organized practice at Marsh View Park. Indoors, Compound meets Tuesdays from 6-8pm and Recurve meets Wednesdays from 6-8pm.

  • Travel required – Commit to participate in an outdoor tournament.
  • Personal and competitive equipment required.
  • Personal Invitation by Head Coach.

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Archery for Women:
We now offer this program as a one time 4 hr event as well as a multi-week program. The content of each session is modified to fit the participants level. Join us for a night of fun, food, and fellowship. We will provide all the equipment and a homemade dinner. (No crossbows or broad-heads)
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Archery for Home School:

Our Home School Program was actually a brainchild of a parent who called us to see if we knew anyone who offered archery as part of a homeschool program. For us, it was an interesting idea we had never seen anyone else tackle this before. So why not? We already believe that our approach to archery education resembled a classroom setting. We already used a class syllabus so that all the coaches were teaching the same steps in the same order, my wife is a teacher and helped me get it in a format she would use if she was teaching our classes.

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Private One on One Session:
Private instruction that focuses on shooting form and technique for beginner to advanced archers. With private instruction, the only focus is on you and your goals.You will leave your first session feeling like you have been given the tools you need to successfully advance your skill level.

(*Equipment provided/ minimum age is 8 years old*)
Reserve 5 hrs for the price of four (4) $240 (Save 25%)

Group (Family) Lesson:
Archery is a great sport and something a group of family or friends can enjoy doing together. My family loves to shoot together, I bet yours will enjoy the individual challenge the sport brings. Sessions can be customized from instructional focused to recreational focused.

Equipment provided if on our range, compound only, minimum age is 8 years old.
$75/hour (Limit 4 participants) Reserve 5 hrs for the price of four (4) $300 (Save 25%)

Birthday Parties:
Tired of the same old party? How about something the kids will talk about after the “Big” day! We offer a number of different games that can replace that boring old piñata and they can be customized to your parties theme. Contact us for your special requests.
$199/(2hrs) (For up to 10 participants)
Each additional participant is just $10. Ask us about pricing for longer times.
Select up to 2 different games.
Equipment provided, * minimum age is 8 years old
Birthday Party

Corporate Events:
Our staff can make your next corporate event a complete break from the norm. We have experience with everything from small groups that have an intensive focus to large-scale surprises for over a 100 participants at a time. Give us your theme and allow our team to craft a concept to fit your event.

Instructor Certification:
Our coaches are certified trainers by USA Archery. We can teach you to be a coach and give you the tools you will need to run your own program or to join a team like ours.

Visit this page for our next training date

* Let us know if you have special age situations and we can see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Our range requires that all participants wear a closed toed shoe. Sandals and Flip flops which do not enclose the toe are not permitted for participants. Spectators are welcome to wear these types of shoes.