Advanced Archery Lessons

Advanced ArcheryAdvanced archery is for archers who are mentally prepared to move to a higher level in their commitment to archery. Participants must receive a coaches endorsement in Intermediate Archery to apply or must interview for the course.

This course features:

Week 1: Individual analysis of shooting form.
Class session will focus on the 10 essential elements of the National Training System (NTS) as well as individual video capture and analysis of archers technique.

Week 2: Psychology of the shot.
How to mentally approach each shot as an individual event, mental imagery of the execution of the process. How to journal your progress and practice sessions. Goal setting.

Week 3: Feeling the Shot
The session focuses on body awareness. Our eyes can often be the biggest inhibitor to our goal of consistency. We will be shooting in the dark during this session for an extended period of time.

Week 4: Memorizing the Shot
What does it take to memorize the feel of the shot, and creating a process that is replicated each time.

Week 5: Tournament Preparation
How to register and prepare for a tournament. What equipment to bring, dress codes, rules, time limits, equipment inspections, and etiquette.

Course Fee: $99

Indoor Archery

3863 Rochester Rd. Troy MI 48083 (2nd floor inside Compunetics building)
Indoor Directions

Advanced Archery is only offered at our Indoor Range

Next Course Offering: (Course requires min. 5 participants/Max is 10)